Womenpreneur in Australia: Reshaping Business During & Post Pandemic

Transformational Leaders Alumni Talks x Shestarts.id Eps. 5, Womenpreneur in Australia: Reshaping Business During & Post Pandemic.
Small and medium entreprises (SMEs) around the world are suffered the most from Covid-19, and it is harder for woman entrepreneurs to survive their business. Supports are needed more than ever in the form of guidance, financial, and support system. But, in the other hand, more women are interested to start their business and empower themself through entrepreneurship.

This Saturday, we will talk with Wendy Perry, Managing Director of Workforce BluePrint and Entrepreneur Facilitator in Austalia, about how womenpreneur reshapes their business during and post pandemic. We will talk about the key factors to survive during pandemic, support system for womanpreneur, and what potential collaboration can happen between Australia and Indonesia womenpreneur?

Be prepared and join us on this Live Streaming on Saturday, 19th December 2020, at 10-11 am at ShestartsID Youtube channel and Facebook page. Set your alarm!
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19 December 2020


10:00 - 11:00



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